Learn More about Air Compressors to Know Them Better

Air Compressors reviewAir compressors are needed by most of us in our life time either for filling the tires of the bike or the refrigerator. With years there has been revolution in the refrigerators found and you may learn more about them by reading this article.

What is an Air Compressor?

In an air compressor, some amount of air is compressed and stored so that it may be used later. There is wide range of utility for these compressors that includes managing a flat tire as well as delivering oxygen in to the body of a patient. Although they are required by most of the people in their daily life, their importance is not taken into consideration as people consider them to be in their life normally. Once you learn more about the Air Compressors and its uses, you can understand how useful it is in your daily life.


An air compressor is equipment that has various uses starting from your local shops to the garages. Some of them are discussed below

  • Most simple use of compressor is for inflating balloons that saves your energy and time both.
  • Another common purpose for using it are pumping air into the tires. Many car owners prefer to keep a portable and compact air compressor in their car for meeting any emergencies.
  • Scuba divers also keep them while they dive under the sea for keeping the oxygen supply normal.
  • Even the air conditioners too have compressors for keeping the surrounding cool.
  • They are also being used in different engines so that they may be heated or cooled as and when required.
  • They are also used in large power plants so that they may deliver energy to the different machineries.

Different types of air Compressors

There are different types of air compressors available in the market and are also available in various sizes to meet the variety of requirement.

  • Reciprocating compressors or Piston are the most commonly found compressors in the market. They range from fractional to high horsepower, depending upon the requirement. They mainly function by pumping air into a air chamber and then it reduces the volume of the air. You may find this working similar to that of a combustion engine. They are made up of pistons, cylinders, valves and housing blocks.
  • Centrifugal Compressors are a bit different from the one mentioned above. They make use of high-speed revolving impellers for accelerating the air, and then, a diffuser that decelerate the air.
  • Rotary Screw Compressors works on the principle that air is filled into a void and is present in between two helical screws. When the screws are turned the volume would be reduced thus there is an increase in the air pressure. You would find most of the compressors injecting oil into the compression area and the bearing.

Although these devices are actually very useful in daily life, they are much underrated. You would get them in different version too that includes ones with oil or without oil, gas, or electric, high pressure compressor or portable ones. Everyone has great usage value in your life.

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