Why is KS Woodcraft so special?

handcrafted furnitureKS Woodcraft Texas is one of those companies which are famous for their custom and handcrafted furniture. Their specialty is making exotic and beautiful furniture from hardwood. They use many different types of material for different types of furniture specializing in counters and tables. All furniture made by this manufacturer is made of handpicked hardwood, which increases the strength and durability of the furniture. Ken Schumacher, the owner of this shop believes in making quality products for all of their clients. They personally check the hardwood used for the operations. Some of the most remarkable furniture of this company is its tables.

Tables of KS Woodcraft

As said earlier, KS Woodcraft specializes in tables and counters. All of their products are made up of a beautiful variety of handpicked hardwoods, which gives a beautiful finish to their furniture. Their tables are absolutely hand-made. They are made of different types of hardwood, among which hickory stands out as the champion. Among various types of tables, they mostly prefer tables made of hickory and are experts at making them.

Materials and cost

Ken considers this as a hobby and passion, more than his occupation, so he brings the best out of a piece of a simple log. They can make any kinds of table using the following material:

  • Rosewood of Caribbean
  • Tiger wood
  • Steel
  • Hickory
  • Black walnut
  • Hardwood
  • Ash
  • Zebrawood
  • Knotty Alder
  • Teak of Africa

Though nowadays, they strongly recommend a base of stainless steel when making furniture with glamorous hardwood. If you like to get an elegant and shiny finish of wood, but you are worried about its excessive cost, then to decrease the price, you can opt to stainless steel base instead of a wooden base. This will increase the durability and will reduce the cost to an extent.




You can simply order according to your needs and the company will do their best to make it available for you. They can create an expandable version of any table by adding a leaf of one foot at the end of the table, or by adding a pull out of the breadboard. You can order according to the material, colour and size of the table that you want. However, it’s advisable to choose the boards which already have a touch of grain blends. In general, this furniture also comes in a standard size. As for those who can’t decide a proper size, you can check out their list of sizes on their website.

Build time and shiny surface

About 4-6 weeks is generally required to make a table. All woods are different so you should expect some variation in top colour and in the appearance of the grain of the table than what will be shown in the catalogue.

All the wood work is firstly sealed and then they are coated with three layers of Tung oil. At last, they are finished with few layers of wax. This treatment makes the table look good and natural and also avoids the fake plastic look.

Shipping of their products includes additional fees, as shipping includes various services like palletizing, freight service, transportation charges and wrapping. A package comes to the nearest terminal, and if you want doorstep delivery, then that will increase the delivery charges for you.

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